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T-Mobile postpaid wireless customers click here to log into your T-Mobile account and add your offer. Once you add your Apple TV+ On Us feature, you will be prompted to activate your subscription with Apple. If someone other than the Primary Account Holder attempts to redeem with Apple, Apple will send the Primary Account Holder a One-Time PIN for verification. If there is no Primary Account Holder designated on the account, the oldest phone number will become the designated phone number. Eligible Sprint customers and T-Mobile for Business customers can redeem by visiting this page: To redeem your promotion, enter your eligible Sprint or T-Mobile for Business phone number, select the promotion you are eligible for and click Continue to complete submission. After successful submission, you will see a link on screen that will redirect you to redeem your promotion with Apple.


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Be aware, the web experience at is a bit barebonds compared to the native TV app on devices, and it only shows Apple original content. For the best experience, use the TV app on a device like Apple TV 4K. 041b061a72


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