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Where To Buy Padded Envelopes

Padded envelopes that are made of the same materials (e.g., paper envelope with paper cushioning) are recyclable, while padded envelopes made from different materials (e.g., paper envelope with plastic bubble wrap inside) are not recyclable.

where to buy padded envelopes

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A padded mailer is a cushioned mailer envelope. They can be constructed from polyethylene (plastic) or paper, and feature some type of padding, whether that be bubbled air pockets or shredded newsprint. These cushioned mailers are designed to protect fragile items in transit. Paper padded mailers are curbside recyclable. Plastic padded mailers are recyclable with thin film (#2 and #4 stretch film plastics). Many consumers have access to thin film recycling at local grocery stores. Curbside recycling is not widely available. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Protective Mailers for more information.

Padded envelopes are made with two layers of 100% recycled (20% post-consumer waste) kraft paper that sandwich a layer of macerated newsprint. This recycled newsprint is collected from local recyclers and shredded on site where the mailers are made. This padded envelope features a tear strip that is made out of plastic. While we recommend against composting any eCommerce packaging (recycling is far better for the environment), we know these mailers are technically compostable as long as the red plastic tear strip is removed. While we hope to transition this tear strip to a non-plastic but equally sturdy material over time, we recognize how vital this tear strip is to the overall functionality of the mailer as it allows a recipient to easily open the mailer without getting into the macerated paper layer.

Yes! Padded envelopes look gorgeous when custom branded. When you work with EcoEnclose, you have the option to customize these protective mailers starting at 500 units. Read our mailer artwork guidelines and learn about our full suite of custom packaging. Customization significantly expand starting at 15,000 mailers. Learn about our high-capacity capabilities.

One item causing problems at our local recycling facilities is plastic-padded envelopes. This includes paper envelopes lined with bubble wrap, and plastic mailers. You should never put these items in your recycling bin.

There is good news, though! Once all labels and stickers are removed, clean and dry all-plastic padded envelopes can be dropped off with your plastic bags at your local grocery store for recycling. Learn more at Plastic Film Recycling.

Pirate Ship offers Priority Mail Cubic Softpack rates with no markup or fees. Priority Mail Cubic is the cheapest shipping service for soft pack or padded envelopes, but other shipping software add tons of markup on top of the actual cost. Pirate Ship is the only shipping software that passes through the cheapest USPS rates available for free, with no markup, fees, or minimum volume requirements.

Answer: Many of us have a pile somewhere in our homes where we stack our mail. Bills, advertisements, magazines and catalogs, a card and maybe an exciting online purchase that came in a box or padded envelope.

Great quality, great price and fast shipping. We will purchasing these mailers again and again. We did a ton of research to find this specific 'grocery bag' color and this is BY FAR the best price on the market. As a small business we are so thankful to of found Definitely recommend!!!

I have used these Bubble Envelopes since2009 and have never had a complaint fromany of my buyers that the Comics orBooks were damaged in any way. I willcontinue to order these same envelopesas long as I am in business.

The traditional bubble wrap envelopes are a tried and tested stalwart of the packaging world. A trusty bubble lined kraft envelope that provides the perfect padding for the goods inside. Everything is packed securely and protected.

The clear envelopes for customs forms were also "discontinued" with a "page not found" about 2 years ago. They suddenly appeared back in the USPS store a couple months ago. I'm not counting out the PFREs just yet.

The rigorous work of inventing Amazon's new recyclable paper padded mailer required the ingenuity of scientists, engineers, and technicians at Amazon's packaging and materials lab. These experts, who obsess over the tiniest of details, have been able to capitalize on a curious reaction that happens when you heat a form of glue, similar to what's used to make cardboard boxes.

The Amazon associates who pick, pack, and ship customer orders are encouraged to speak up when they see something that should be improved. They quickly flagged a major difference between the new paper padded mailers and the Jiffy mailers (paper laminated to bubble wrap) they were accustomed to using. The new mailers were stiffer, making them a little harder to open and more time-consuming to pack.

Hey! So I've started to make more sales recently and now I'm looking at getting different sizes for padded envelopes. Etsy linked me to a page that had their own eco-friendly packaging and the prices seemed pretty good, but for the life of me I cannot find that page anymore. Was that a limited offer?Is there anywhere (that's not Amazon) that I can get a variety of shipping materials at a good price?

I would comparison shop for the best price on padded shipping envelops. You should look for them at, BJs Wholesale, Costco, WBMason and Do yourself a favor and make up a little spread sheet so you can compare the quanities and unit prices and shipping costs to you; after all, these costs should be a part of your total cost to make your product. Also, save your spread sheet for comparing future business materials. Good Luck, Duane Gamble, Creative Photo Products, Author of the Visual Arts Resource Manual

@daftgiro The companies other sellers suggested are great ones. If you need priority boxes or flat rate priority padded envelopes you can go to the USPS website and order as many priority boxes and priority envelopes as you want. There is no charge for them. If you need biodegradable starch packing peanuts (the ones that dissolve in water), Uline has them for $18 plus shipping. It ships about 3 feet tall in heavy plastic. You can also buy other supplies like boxes and shipping tape at Uline too. They'll send you a catalog with your order. Good luck with your business.

I use for envelopes and for boxes. Uline also has envelopes, but they aren't the size I personally use. Uline ships fast. If I order by 3:00pm Pacific time today, it will be in my yard the next day.

If you are talking about bubble mailers, over the years I have been more satisfied with the pricing and quality of those at The price you see there includes any shipping cost and I like that too. They offer poly mailers, bubble mailers, padded paper mailers, rigid paper mailers and even thermal mailers. They offer other things too but I only purchase the bubble mailers.

Depending on how many you need, I just bought a pack of Duck brand padded mailers from Walmart. I paid $10.68 for a 25 pack of 6x9 bubble mailers. I used to buy them in quantities of 250 but I ship most of my orders as flats in photo mailers now. I buy the photo mailers in quantities of 200 on eBay. Let me tell you, a box of 250 bubble mailers takes up a lot of room. I'm not sorry I switched to the thin cardboard photo mailers. They fit in a box a little bigger than a shoebox! lol

I agree; I've seen lots of comments where buyers were unhappy about receiving jewelry in envelopes. You can ship in a small box for cheaper than the $4 mentioned by another poster here. The tiny boxes add hardly any weight at all (a few ounces or so). And customers often leave glowing feedback for such packaging.

I don't ship jewelry yet. I have been reading and somewhat absorbing shipping methods for jewelry...nowhere near ready to start on that category so I'm not focusing on that yet. I probably will have other items to list first.

May i share my general rule of thumb when it comes to shipping in a padded envelope instead of a box? If the item can be stepped without being damaged, then it's ok to ship it in a padded envelope. Other than that, use a box.

Georgia-Pacific is expanding its manufacturing footprint for curbside recyclable paper padded mailers to support growing demand for more sustainable shipping envelopes. The new locations in Jonestown, Pennsylvania, and McDonough, Georgia, will expand availability of the mailers in the Northeast and Southeast to customers including Amazon. GP is also adding a third production line at its first mailer manufacturing site that opened in the Phoenix area in 2020.

The growth of e-commerce has generated significant demand for sustainable packaging options, as both consumers and e-retailers look to increase the recyclability of their packaging. This curbside recyclable padded paper mailer is a sustainable alternative to non-recyclable dual material packaging.

In 2019, Amazon introduced this recyclable paper padded mailer, which protects customer orders and is fully recyclable curbside. As a major supplier of corrugated boxes for Amazon, Georgia-Pacific has previously worked with the company on innovative packaging solutions and is now producing this mailer.

SEALED AIR brand padded mailers are all-purpose mailers constructed from heavy-duty kraft with a uniform inner padding. The inner padding is made with macerated paper between the plies for cushioning, eliminating the need for added packing materials. Padded mailers are a practical, efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to a corrugated box.

The EarthKraft Mailer series by Georgia-Pacific is a new line of curbside recyclable paper padded mailers manufactured specifically with protection and sustainability in mind. As an innovative, paper-based alternative to plastic or bubble padded envelopes, our lightweight mailer provides superior strength and performance while remaining cost competitive for the Ecommerce industry. 041b061a72


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