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Theatre Of War 2: Africa 1943 Download For Pc [hack] !!TOP!!

UPDATED TO BETA 8 FILES - link has been updated to V8.0 file.Hi All,This is the 8th installment that replaces part 7 of the mod that changes the Kuban Autumn map to North Africa. I've called it Beta-8 and I will continue to use this thread to post updates, changing name to beta8 beta9 etc. Please uninstall part 7 and delete. then install part 8 with jsgme.It is JSGME ready, place the unzipped folder into your mods folder and install. (please note it should always be the last MOD installed into your game as many other mods also change some of the files I have edited, which will not hurt your install but it will take out some of the desert edits I've made and replace them with whatever the other mod has done).It is compatible with game version 5.004bLINK for download Beta-8.0: updated link 10-1-23 _Autumn-1943_Desert_Beta_8.rar/fileso the step process in JSGME1. install "Kuban_Autumn-1943_Desert_Beta_8"2. replace the "Kuban_Autumn-1943_Desert_Beta_8_mission_set-332FG" mission folder in your mods folder with the Kuban_Autumn-1943_Desert_Beta_7_mission_set-332FG included in the download. these mission files have been resaved to work with latest game version.******************************************************************************************************************

Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 download for pc [hack]

If a person doesn't want "hacked" skins, don't download them. I think having and using your imagination is a good thing. I do all kinds of repaints, check out my 'Beebop's Hack Shack'. I'm proud of the work I do and so far there are a lot of others who seem to like it too. If you or anyone else doesn't like them that's fine. No one is making you use them. However while doing these "hacks" I am gaining knowledge about actual WWII paint schemes and skills necessary to execute them.


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