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Assyst Bullmer Software Free Download VERIFIED

Axel Hofmann, the executive VP responsible for U.S. sales of Gunnar USA Inc. (Rebstein, Switzerland) cutting systems, says that his customers can choose an entry-level, manual nesting application or an automated nesting software suite with a wide range of additional CAM features. The core nesting program is developed externally by a well-known German research institute, but the front-end user interface is provided by our Gunnar workbench software partner, adds Hofmann.

assyst bullmer software free download

Marshall explains that AXYZs static tables can be configured with twin virtual processing areas, which operate simultaneously in pendulum processing modes that, in effect, lengthen the table. The control software automates the switching of vacuum zones, allowing the cutting of one set of part pieces on one half of the table, while the other half is unloaded, then reloaded with new material to start again. Pendulum processing allows true continuous production, he asserts.

In recent years, Assyst has evolved into a driving solution provider for the digitalization of the apparel industry. The company is the only supplier to offer leading solutions for the relevant processes of digital product development from a single source. We are now going one step further with the launch of our Model Suite, opening the door for the digital distribution of fashion. At the same time, we are entirely repositioning Assyst as a strong umbrella brand. Our goal here is to make the development and marketing of apparel fit for the future.

McGruder cites increased interest in Eastmans trademarked EasiSelect software. If you are molding multiple parts that require several different materials, its more efficient to cut everything you need from the first material roll, one time, then move to the second roll, and so on.


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