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Hanatech Multiscan P1 Software 36: The Ultimate Solution for Automotive Diagnostics

AN INSPIRING NEW AND POPULAR POSITION IN THE AUTOMOTIVE MARKET: Hanatech offers the Multiscan P1 as a central station and remote control. The compact design is attractive, perfect for garages, garages and engine compartments etc., and the attractive stand with retractable feet makes it easy to place the system exactly where it's needed. The system is compact, easy to install and use, and is a simple to use solution to a difficult and complex problem.

Hanatech Multiscan P1 Software 36

Being launched for 17 years, the Multiscan P1 will be available for all your automotive needs and all your automotive life. From there, we have started to venture into the liquid and the multivitamin area. So this was an exciting year for us. We will always promote quality and customer satisfaction to make sure that we are an engine-starting automotive brand.

  • The OBD-II station comprises of two cables. The first is an OBDII data cable that receives the wire transmission of the OBDII port on the vehicle's computer and transmits it to the station. The second is a diagnostic data cable that is used for communication with the diagnostic software and for storing the reception of diagnostic data in the memory of the station. The USB port can be used in various ways: Connect a printer to print the diagnostic trouble codes. The diagnostic trouble codes are stored in the memory of the station in the printed form and the information is displayed on the LCD.

  • The operator interface is easily accessed with the standard USB port.

  • You can also use the USB port to download data to your PC.

  • Download time and date stamps and other important data to your PC.

  • Displays the vehicle information.


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