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Buy Plastic Champagne Glasses WORK

Whether you need disposable glasses for a special event or just want to have a worry-free evening on the patio, plastic champagne flutes expand your options for drinking sparkling wine. Plastic champagne flutes are especially great for outdoor use or poolside because they won't shatter when you drop them, and they have other advantages as well.

buy plastic champagne glasses

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Have you ever thought that an event would be perfect if only you could bring a bottle of Champagne to celebrate? Glass champagne flutes are impractical for many situations, but plastic wine glasses and champagne flutes have several advantages over traditional glassware.

Plastic glasses are perfect outside. Many people have concerns about bringing fine crystal or glassware out on the patio or deck. It's too easy for a glass to get broken when you're on hard surfaces and dealing with wind and crowds. Plastic stemware is the ideal solution to this problem. Unlike your grandma's fine crystal, if someone bumps a plastic glass, it will bounce.

If you're having a large get-together, such an informal wedding or family reunion, you may want to have a Champagne toast. However, the idea of washing dozens of glass champagne flutes might make it a little harder for you to celebrate. Plastic flutes are a great alternative. When the party is over, you can pitch the dirty glasses, making cleanup a snap.

While your children shouldn't be sipping alcoholic beverages, they might want to get involved in the celebration with a sparkling grape juice or special fruity soda. No hostess in her right mind would allow the kids to run off with her crystal, but plastic is about as kid-friendly as it gets. When you can give plastic flutes to the younger members of your group, you include them in the fun.

As with any disposable dishware, plastic wine glasses and champagne flutes can prompt environmental concerns. Unfortunately, biodegradable plastic isn't strong enough to produce a long-stemmed glass like a champagne flute. However, many manufacturers produce plastic glassware that is recyclable. If possible, look for plastic flutes that can be easily recycled in your area. Call your recycling company or household garbage management service if you are unsure about which types of plastic they will accept.

If you are looking for fun, one-of-a-kind items for parties or as favors, then you can easily decorate plastic Champagne flutes without spending a fortune. Use paint, glitter, decals, and more to create fabulous glasses your guests will love to have as keepsakes.

You can find plastic champagne flutes at many housewares stores, but if you're looking for a good deal, the internet may be your best bet. By shopping online, you can find the design that's perfect for your gathering, and you can compare prices to get the best per-glass cost.

If you're comparing the cost of plastic champagne glasses against traditional glass flutes, you can expect to pay about 60 cents for each plastic flute. You may pay less if you buy in bulk. Simple, traditional champagne flutes retail for about $6 apiece, so you would have to use a glass ten times to make glassware a better deal.

Traditionally, Champagne was served in a glass called a "coupe," which had a wide saucer-shaped bowl on top of a narrow stem. Champagne coupes were popular until the 1960s, when they gave way to the champagne flute. Flutes have a narrow trumpet shape, and they allow the wine to retain its carbonation for a longer period. Because of their narrow shape, it's also easy to carry several champagne flutes on a tray.

Whether you're throwing a party or just looking for a shatterproof champagne glass option, plastic champagne flutes will suit any situation. Enjoy the convenience, safety and cost savings of plastic champagne flutes at your next party.

Approx. top diameter: 1 "Approx. bottom diameter: 1 "Approx. height: 5 "Flush fill capacity: 9 ozPractical fill capacity: 8 ozCase quantity: 4 packs of 16 glassesColor: ClearShape: RoundMaterial: PlasticDisposable: One-time, single party useRecycling code: #6 PS PolystyreneBPA-free: Yes

The Miniature Plastic Champagne Glasses are the perfect small size disposable to serve food or drinks at your next event! The small 2 oz size is easy to hold for events where your guests will be standing or walking. The set is 2 pieces with a round bottom that keeps the plastic glassware sturdy to prevent spilling. The champagne glasses are disposable for easy clean up but durable enough to serve appetizers or desserts. The versatile champagne glasses are a great way to elevate your presentation of anything from champagne to vegetables appetizers to dessert mousse.

These miniature plastic champagne glasses can be purchased by the sleeve (12 glasses) or by the case (120 glasses). We have a full line of plastic miniature glassware, perfect for your next special event.

Ideal for parties and events, our reusable plastic glasses are the perfect alternative to real glass. Our unbreakable plastic glasses cover a wide range of styles and materials to give you a flawless drinks service.

Whatever type of plastic glass you need, our variety of cheap plastic glasses covers plastic beer glasses, plastic wine glasses, plastic cocktail glasses, plastic champagne glasses and plastic shot glasses. Ideal for outdoor events, our plastic glasses ensure you can still serve drinks without the worry of cleaning up shattered glass.

With our reusable plastic wine glasses and reusable plastic champagne glasses you can celebrate events with plastic glasses without losing the sense of style. Perfect for use as wedding champagne flutes, our reusable glasses are great for a wide variety of applications.

Made to mimic real glasses, some of our acrylic glasses and polycarbonate glasses are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. With all of our plastic glasses available with fast UK delivery and next day delivery, you can cater for your party with plenty of party glassware in a hurry.

Shop our collection of durable disposable glassware at prices you'll love. Whether you are looking for disposable wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, or mugs, you can find them at TigerChef.

Our selection of disposable glassware is constructed from recyclable heavy-weight plastic and durable polystyrene material. All pieces are inexpensive yet stylish and functional. Plus, they won't break or chip easily.

Choose from our classic clear disposable beverage glasses or get creative with our colorful tumblers and mugs, available in various colors, styles and sizes. Browse our inventory and order a complete set today.

Conventional glassware can still harbor harmful viruses and bacteria even after thorough washing. Help prevent the spread of diseases by opting for single-use glasses and mugs, especially when catering events. In addition, the danger of glassware breakage is not only dangerous to your guests, it is an unnecessary expense that disposable glassware can easily replicate. 041b061a72


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