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Aagaya Hero in hindi 1080p: How Govinda Tried to Revive His Career with This Action Comedy Film

Aagaya Hero in hindi 1080p: A Review of Govinda's Comeback Film

Aagaya Hero (English: Here Comes the Hero) is a 2017 Hindi action comedy film directed by Dipankar Senapati and starring Govinda in the lead role. The film was previously titled Abhinay Chakra and was touted to be Govinda's comeback film after a long hiatus. The film revolves around ACP Ravindra Varma (Govinda), a fearless and sincere police officer who is called to nab terrorist Milind Shinde (Ashutosh Rana), who has political backing. The film also features Poonam Pandey, Richa Sharma, Chandrachur Singh, Makarand Deshpande, Murli Sharma, Harish Kumar, and others in supporting roles.

Aagaya Hero in hindi 1080p

In this article, I will review Aagaya Hero in hindi 1080p and give you my honest opinion about its strengths and weaknesses. I will also rate it out of 10 and recommend some similar or better films to watch instead. So, let's get started!

The Good

Despite being a low-budget and poorly-made film, Aagaya Hero has some redeeming qualities that make it watchable for some audiences. Here are some of them:

Govinda's Performance

The main attraction of Aagaya Hero is Govinda, who plays the titular role of ACP Ravindra Varma. Govinda is known for his impeccable comic timing, expressive facial expressions, and energetic dance moves. He tries his best to infuse some life and humor into the otherwise dull and boring film. He portrays his character as a fearless, honest, and witty cop who does not hesitate to take on the corrupt and powerful. He also showcases his dance skills in some of the songs, especially in the title track "Aagaya Hero". Govinda fans might enjoy watching him on screen after a long time and appreciate his efforts to entertain them.

The Action Scenes

Another aspect of Aagaya Hero that might appeal to some viewers is the action scenes. The film has a lot of fights, chases, explosions, and stunts that are choreographed and executed well. The action scenes are fast-paced, thrilling, and entertaining. They add some spice and excitement to the otherwise bland and monotonous film. The action scenes also showcase Govinda's agility and flexibility as he performs some impressive moves and stunts. The action scenes are one of the few reasons to watch Aagaya Hero if you are a fan of masala films.

The Music

The third and final positive aspect of Aagaya Hero is the music. The film has a decent soundtrack composed by Meet Bros, Arghya Banerjee, Shamir Tandon, and Vicky-Hardik. The songs are catchy, peppy, and upbeat. They complement the mood and theme of the film well. The songs also feature some witty and humorous lyrics that add some fun and charm to the film. Some of the songs that stand out are "Aagaya Hero", "Lohe Da Liver", "Dirty Flirty", and "Mahiya". The songs are also well-picturized with colorful costumes, sets, and choreography. The music is one of the few things that might make you tap your feet or hum along while watching Aagaya Hero.

The Bad

Unfortunately, Aagaya Hero has more negatives than positives. The film suffers from a lot of flaws that make it a disappointing and forgettable affair. Here are some of them:

The Storyline

The biggest drawback of Aagaya Hero is the storyline. The film has a cliched, predictable, and outdated plot that has been done to death in many Bollywood films before. The film follows the same formula of a honest cop taking on a corrupt politician and a terrorist with the help of his loyal team and a love interest. There is nothing new or original about the story. It is full of loopholes, inconsistencies, and absurdities. The film also lacks logic and coherence. The characters behave in irrational and illogical ways. The situations are unrealistic and implausible. The film also tries to incorporate comedy, romance, drama, and social messages into the story, but fails miserably at all of them. The storyline is one of the main reasons why Aagaya Hero fails to impress or engage the viewers.

The Direction

The second major flaw of Aagaya Hero is the direction. The film is directed by Dipankar Senapati, who makes his debut with this film. However, he does not show any signs of talent or vision as a director. He fails to utilize the potential of Govinda or any other actor in the film. He does not have any sense of style or flair as a director. He relies on outdated techniques and cliches to narrate the story. He does not have any grip or control over the script, the actors, or the technical aspects of the film. He does not manage to create any impact or emotion with his direction. He also does not have any sense of timing or pacing as a director. He drags the film for more than two hours without any reason or purpose. The direction is one of the main reasons why Aagaya Hero looks like a cheap and amateurish film.

The Editing

The third major flaw of Aagaya Hero is the editing. The film is edited by Nitin Rokade, who does a sloppy and inconsistent job at it. The editing affects the pace and continuity of the film negatively. The film has many unnecessary scenes that could have been trimmed or deleted altogether. The film also has many abrupt cuts and transitions that disrupt the flow and coherence of the film. The editing also affects the quality and clarity of the visuals and sounds of the film negatively. The editing is one of the main reasons why Aagaya Hero looks like a messy and chaotic film.

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