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Luca Sanchez
Luca Sanchez

Drift_-_Deeper(1).mp4 [REPACK]

Step 2. Select the problematic video, delete the original file extension for example .mov/.mp4, and then enter .dif. Once done, import the .dif file to Adobe Premiere Pro and see if audio and video sync issue is fixed or not.


104 editionsAccessDenied.mp4 depicts a common Web3.0 scene, of an office worker who checks an allowlist and realises mint access has been denied. No gas war or game of chance... simply not on the allowlist to begin with.

AccessDenied,mp4 is the first video meme by MintFace drawing on three separate cryptoart thematics from XCOPY, Alpha Centauri Kid (ACK) and OSF. The appending of .mp4 to the artworks title represents the performative aspect of The Memes by 6529 as a movie where each of us decides whether to be an active participant or an entertained bystander.

AccessDenied.mp4 replaced the placeholder artwork titled 'XHolder' minted 12 hours before the official drop, giving Seize and Share holders time to mint before it was released to the public.

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