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Arthrocare Coblator Ii Service Manual

Arthrocare Coblator II Service Manual

The Arthrocare Coblator II is a medical device that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to ablate, resect, and coagulate soft tissue and blood vessels in otorhinolaryngology (ENT) surgery. It consists of a controller, a foot control, a flow control valve unit, and a disposable wand with an active electrode tip. The device operates on the principle of coblation, which is a process of molecular disintegration that involves the creation of a plasma field around the electrode tip. The plasma field dissolves tissue at low temperatures, minimizing thermal damage to surrounding structures. The device also has a coagulation mode that allows for hemostasis of bleeding vessels.


The Arthrocare Coblator II service manual is a document that provides instructions on how to install, operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair the device. It also contains technical specifications, safety information, and warranty details. The service manual is intended for authorized service personnel only and should not be used by anyone else. The service manual is available online as a PDF file that can be downloaded from the following link: [Arthrocare Coblator II Service Manual].

The service manual covers the following topics:

  • Introduction: This section provides an overview of the device, its components, its indications for use, and its contraindications.

  • Installation: This section provides instructions on how to unpack, assemble, and connect the device to the power source and the gas supply.

  • Operation: This section provides instructions on how to use the device in different modes, how to select and attach the wand, how to adjust the settings, and how to perform a self-test.

  • Maintenance: This section provides instructions on how to clean, disinfect, and sterilize the device and its accessories. It also provides guidelines on how to store and transport the device.

  • Troubleshooting: This section provides a troubleshooting guide that lists possible problems, causes, and solutions. It also provides instructions on how to contact the manufacturer for technical support.

  • Technical Specifications: This section provides technical data on the device, such as its dimensions, weight, power requirements, gas requirements, operating parameters, and environmental conditions.

  • Safety Information: This section provides safety warnings and precautions that must be followed when using the device. It also provides information on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety, and disposal of the device.

  • Warranty: This section provides information on the warranty terms and conditions for the device and its accessories.

The Arthrocare Coblator II service manual is an essential resource for anyone who needs to service or repair the device. It provides detailed and clear information on how to ensure the optimal performance and safety of the device. The service manual should be read carefully and followed strictly by authorized service personnel only.

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