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Where To Buy Quality Nose Rings

Shop BPJ for all your nose piercing jewelry needs! From nose rings, nose studs, nose hoops, nose pins and faux nose jewelry, we have something for everyone looking for their next fabulous find.

where to buy quality nose rings


Alluring Body offers a unique collection of quality nose studs, from 18k gold nose hoops to brilliant VVS diamond studs. All of our jewelry is crafted from solid nickel-free gold or platinum by American jewelers.

Regardless of where you choose to buy your nose jewelry, identify whether a product merits your time and money. Your nose studs or rings will stay on your skin for a long time. A little research goes a long way if you want to avoid the risk of infection.

When you buy nose jewelry without ensuring its quality, you increase your risk of adverse side effects that could harm your piercing and cause damage to your nose. There is nothing worse than wearing a new nose ring or stud and waking up to a swollen nose or infection.

Before you click "add to cart," make sure that you recognize the most common signs foretelling your nose jewelry quality. Remember that descriptions can mislead, and you can check for quality using other methods. Some of the details that make a difference include:

When you shop at, you can choose hundreds of pieces that suit any style and budget. Most of our nose jewelry products come with a lifetime warranty, and they all pass our quality standards. If you have questions about our products, we encourage you to contact us for more information.

120 Stainless Steel Nose Studs. This collection of 120 studs comes with three different stone sizes and includes 60 clear stone nose rings and 60 colorful ones, so you always have a nose ring to fit your look.

This collection of 20 gauge, L-shaped nose studs contains four different looks, including cubic zirconia stones and no-stone looks. Each of the four comes in four different sizes, so you have options for days you want your piercing to stand out and for days when you want to be more discreet. Made of stainless steel, these nose rings are durable and hypoallergenic. They are comfortable for long-term wear and are easy to put on and take off. This collection comes with a 90-day money-back or exchange guarantee. Buy it here.

Never use an earring stud in your nose piercing. Standard earrings are too long, which might cause damage to delicate nose tissue. Note that studs for nose piercings are typically 18G to 20G in size, while earrings are 22G.

Are nose rings safe? This is a valid question, considering that piercing your nostril is basically putting a hole in your body. But as it turns out, nose rings are actually entirely safe... as long as you take some basic precautions.

When it comes to body piercings, the most important thing is to make sure that you are using safe, high-quality jewelry. This is especially true for nose rings, as there is a risk of infection if the jewelry is not made of sterilized materials. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that offer safe, high-quality nose rings. These companies use surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium, which are both inert materials that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

For one thing, they're safe. Unlike other types of piercings, nose rings don't involve piercing any sensitive tissue. In fact, the area around the nostril is relatively well-padded, making it ideal for wearing jewelry.

The most important thing is to make sure you use a premium quality nose ring such as the nose stud or rings by Roy Jewels! Our diamonds are hand-selected to ensure they are of the highest quality. When you treat yourself to a real diamond nose stud or ring, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality jewelry available.

A nose ring can add instant glamor to any outfit. Whether you opt for a simple stud or a flashy diamond ring, you'll be sure to turn heads wherever you go. So go ahead and treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry, because you deserve it! After all, there's no better way to show the world that you're confident, stylish, and unique.

Body Candy is specialist in all forms of body jewelry. Their website offers a fantastic range of nose rings, studs, bones, screws, l-shaped ends and fishtails. There are also retainers, ear to nose chains and micro nose rings.

There are lots of sparkles on offer too. Precious stones include white and colored diamonds, rubies, sapphires and opals. And for more cost-effective options, there are beautiful nose rings with Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia.

Pata Pata Jewelry is a boutique studio shop that was created to bring the love and passion of Doron for unique style and self expression. Doron, owner and designer at Pata Pata Jewelry is a professional goldsmith specializes in quality, custom handmade septum rings, nose rings and nose studs, cartilage earrings, tragus and daith jewelry. Her piercing jewelry collection in solid 14k gold and sterling silver range from feminine and delicate to fearless and bold designs.

We are making room for new nose jewelry and other jewelry items and are having a HUGE inventory clearance sale. Prices for nose rings start at only .99 with some gold items for less than 10.00 a piece! Check out our blow out sale section of our website located here: -out-sale-nose-rings

Many skus have been discounted this week and we will continue to add more items over the next few weeks to make room for new inventory.Have a look at our blow out sale section of our website to save up to 90% on nose rings, toe rings, and other body jewelry pieces. -out-sale-nose-rings

One of the most important factors in the success of nose piercings is the material you choose. If you're considering a nose piercing, here are some of the best metals for nose rings (as well as some to avoid).

Niobium is also one of the best metals for nose rings. It is a highly pure, hypoallergenic metal that's a lot like titanium. However, it is heavier than titanium and more expensive to produce, so it tends to be harder to find in the world of body jewelry.

You know what they say, the nose knows. And with these gorgeous nose rings and studs from Claire's, you'll be looking fabulous all the time! Whether you're into simple silver or gold studs or want to go for something more unique like a gemstone nose ring, we've got your back. We also have a wide variety of styles so that no matter who you are, there will be something perfect for you. Shop now and find your new favorite pair of nose jewelry in minutes! Check out our earring selection to find a pair to match your new nose jewelry!

Nose piercing has two costs: one for the piercing procedure and one for the jewelry. Piercing your nose can often cost less than other body parts, like nipples or genitals. Nose rings made of expensive metals will cost more.

The process of nose piercing sometimes involves sensitive, internal skin and can be quite painful. Make sure to find a high-quality piercer who meets your standards. Here are the steps of a typical piercing journey:

I'm interested in buying this 2nd nose ring but I'm doing the post iv lost 2 L shaped diamond nose rings from pagoda in the mall. Only thing I don't like about ordering from here is it doesent specify what kind of diamond it is, unless I'm looking in wrong spot....????.....

I love Alluring Body nose jewelry! I got my nose pierced a couple of years ago. Mine actually healed up in a couple of months and I bought my first diamond from AB. I found their standard sizing is too long for my "skinny" nostril. So now I know to order a short post. My favorite style is the nose bone. I can't even tell I'm wearing a nose ring. AB's customer service is amazing!! They've exchanged styles for me (l-shaped, screws). I just sent in an L-shaped that I've had for a year or so and they've converted it to a short nose bone. (This last exchange wasn't free since I've had it for so long, which I totally expected... but only a $15 fee.) I have these white gold nose rings: 1.2 mm diamond, 1.6 mm diamond, and the 1.2 mm ball. One of these days I'll order the 2mm diamond. And... since I have my 50th birthday coming up in October of this year... I think that would be a perfect gift!!!

Kick off your nose ring collection in a big way with this set of 12 stainless steel nose studs, four clear nose retainers and 16 nose hoops, all with a velvet pouch to keep everything in one place. Each nose ring is made from high-quality 316L stainless steel for a hypoallergenic option. The stems vary in thickness to help you find your ideal fit.

This set includes 21 nose rings, each made from 316L stainless steel. There are a variety of options from rose gold to silver to black to gold, and each set includes a variety of styles, including hoops and studs. The comfortable design makes each set perfect for wearing all day, every day.

The 60 pieces in this set includes nose rings in a variety of sizes. Each stud features a sparkly crystal in different diameters to help you change up your look from one day to the next. Each post is made from 316L stainless steel for irritation-free wear. 041b061a72


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