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Babies Stuff Samples

Goody bag full of free baby samples and goodies for new mom! Must visit the store after registering to pick up your bag.NEW ===> Now you can earn rewards for every dollar spent shopping for baby essentials at BuyBuyBaby and $10 rewards just for joining BuyBuyBaby Registry.

Babies Stuff Samples


If you are on the hunt for free samples make sure to check out my other lists of ways to get free samples by mail, free formula, free baby clothes, and free pregnancy and postpartum samples.

Learn how to get diapers at a discount. There are lots of ways to get free diaper samples and lots of ways to get them for a low discount. Sign up for the newsletter with Pampers, Huggies, and The Honest Company. Some of these companies often will send coupons and freebies to their subscribers.

Join The Baby Box Co. to get a free baby box, samples, and parenting classes. This is a great resource for new moms because it gives you another safe spot for your baby to sleep or nap. Shipping may apply for some of their items.

I always shopped at Motherhood for maternity clothes when I was pregnant. The cool thing about Motherhood is you can shop online or in store and they will send you a free goodie bag full of stuff for baby and new mom!

You may not think you can save much money taking advantage of free baby samples. But, when you take the time to apply for all or most of the samples listed in this post it can actually save you thousands of dollars.

We looked for great deals from retailers and baby product brands, of course. But we also looked at the fine print. Fair warning: In some cases, you'll need to pay for the cost of shipping, create a gift registry or sign up for a rewards program or newsletter (but you can always unsubscribe if your inbox gets too overwhelmed). We also looked to our savvy What to Expect community members (aka parents and parents-to-be just like you) to see which free giveaway products came recommended by several different families, plus what they had to say about things like quality and availability of the samples.

Once that happens, you'll log in to claim your offer and get a box shipped to you with an assortment of full-size, sample-size and travel-size products. The contents change depending on availability (here's an overview of what you might expect), but in the past have included about 10 items. Think: a muslin swaddle blanket, a onesie, a single pack of Dreft, a 4-ounce baby bottle, a travel size bottle of baby lotion, a 3-pack of diapers, a travel pack of wipes and single-use samples of things like diaper cream and ointment.

In the past, parents have received things like diaper samples, wipes, a Mam pacifier, a Nuk bottle, a yellow "Baby on Board" sign for your car, and small samples of Noodle & Boo products, Aquaphor, Mustela no-rinse cleansing water, Water Wipes and Boogie Wipes. There are also plenty of coupons for future purchases (win!) and a $10 reward, which is applied to your Buy Buy Baby account once the box has been shipped or purchased in store.

The items in the box generally fit little ones 2 to 3 months old, so you'll want to place your order well ahead of time. Lots of moms were especially thrilled to find a Burt's Bees onesie in their boxes, but other freebies found in a recent box included: Huggies diapers, a FridaBaby Windi (a gas relief tool), Boon and Philips bottles, a pacifier, stretch mark and diaper rash cream samples, Enfamil formula, Honest wipes, Aveeno baby lotion, a hospital bag kit and several coupons. You can read the full fine print about the box here.

Some babies can be finicky when it comes to formula, and parents can quickly drop a ton of cash buying full-size versions of the various options, so it makes sense to get free samples when possible. Enfamil will send samples of a few different kinds of formula to new parents, and also send them formula coupons and gifts such as "Belly Badge" stickers, which you can place on your baby's outfit for milestone photo opps, such as "1 Month Old" and "My First Smile." If you decide you like Enfamil for your baby, you can also earn rewards and rebate coupons by using the app.

Similac Rewards is a program that sends parents baby formula samples and coupons and nutritional guidance for you and your little one. You'll also get a free Shutterfly photo book for the countless adroable baby photos you'll be taking. As part of the rewards program, members also get discounts on their "Schedule and Save" orders, starting with 10 percent on the first order, and going up to 26 percent by the eighth order. On their website, Similac has the option to sign up for the Pampers Club program at the same time, making things a bit easier if you'd like to join both.

It varies by month, but a recent edition of the box included: five Cuties diapers, a Nanobébé Flexy pacifier, Lansinoh breastfeeding sample set and organic nipple cream, Palmer's stretch mark massage lotion sachet, two Prevail liners, a prenatal vitamin sample, a lactation drink sample, a travel-sized pack of Water Wipes, Aquaphor mini-spray for mom, hand sanitizer wipes, Bella B samples, $100 credit towards family meals with Sunbasket and other offers for sites like Zulily.

Create a Target baby registry for a free Welcome Kit filled with free baby stuff. After creating a registry, pick up your gift at Guest Services! Note: This item is not mailed to you, you will need to pick it up at a Target store at Guest Services.

Daily Goodie Box sends boxes full of large size free samples. Make sure to confirm your email to qualify. The content of boxes changes every month and often includes free baby stuff including lotions and baby care products.

BuyBuy Baby offers a free baby goody bag when you create a baby registry online. They recently changed the process to get the baby box. You need to purchase it for $10 and then they credit $10 to your account, so you get your money back. The baby stuff I received in my box include 2 baby bottles, wipes, diapers, a pacifier, Shampoo & Wash and lotion.

Receive free Exederm baby skincare samples in the mail. Just fill out the form and specify in the box at the bottom that you are looking for samples for your baby. Exederm offers Baby Eczema Cream, Lotion and Wash products.

I have done a lot of research and back end work on ordering and receiving sample boxes to try every opportunity out there. I've received boxes from Target, Amazon, Babylist, and Hey Milestone! Hey Milestone had the best and most samples provided. Nothing had to be purchased and no back end work to receive a box either. I highly recommend giving them a try!!

So I'm expecting my second after 5 years. I want to try a variety of different products so I signed up for this box. Wow! I was given a great variety of samples of different products. Some that I had never even heard of before. One product was a sample pack from nanobebe. I have since purchased a mystery box from that website. I loved that not only products for the baby but for me as well. I'm super happy with this box!

I absolutely love my box! I especially love the samples for lactation cookies and supplements! This is one of the only baby boxes that I've gotten that has baby AND mommy stuff! So happy about it and excited to use all our new goodies!

Looking for the ultimate starter sample newborn box!? This is the one to try! From actual samples to coupons and weekly emails with deals after you've signed up for your box! You do not want to miss this opportunity of a box!

The Enfamil Family Beginnings program is a way to earn rewards on Enfamil purchases, get discounts, free baby formula samples, and baby freebies! After signing up, you can receive special offers, get baby formula coupons, information, and more.

Our Enfamil Family Beginnings program is a unique way to get free baby stuff and general parenting tips . You can get up to $400 in free baby formula, coupons and/or baby essentials for signing up, plus additional rewards.

Amazon is another super-popular destination for baby registries, which also offers a baby welcome box. This box is listed as a $35 value and, depending on product availability, often features a free bottle, bodysuit, swaddle, baby laundry detergent, baby lotion and shampoo as well as samples of wipes, prenatal gummy vitamins, breast milk storage bags and nursing pads.

Following the voluntary recall and hold of certain powdered infant formula products produced at the Abbott Nutrition facility in Sturgis, MI, Abbott has committed to completing enhanced testing of stored product batches prior to making release determinations. While the FDA recognizes that Abbott has conducted standard product testing, there were a limited number of samples tested. Additionally, although finished product testing does not eliminate the risk of contamination, the enhanced testing will provide for a greater chance to detect Cronobacter sakazakii, if present; however, this enhanced level of testing will take additional time.

There are no additional FDA samples pending analysis at this time. On March 18, 2022, the FDA inspection at the Abbott Nutrition facility in Sturgis, MI, was completed and a Form 483 was issued that included four observations. The inspectional observations in this Form 483 do not constitute final FDA determinations of whether any condition was or is in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act or any of its implementing regulations. FDA will take appropriate action in the future - if warranted - as we continue to evaluate the 2022 inspectional findings. 041b061a72


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