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This type of playstyle is commonly seen among newer players, especially those who have never played a fighting game before. They will usually stay at their own tower, and shoot rockets at their opponent's doomspires. They usually have slight melee combat experience, and possibly minor superball experience. They are usually not a huge threat and a little oblivious to their surroundings, though they could become annoying due to usually one-shotting players with their rockets, but they can easily be dealt with by deflecting their rockets back at them. They tend to usually die out almost instantly with the tower once their towers go down.


The Swapper. An obnoxiously rare playstyle that is rarely ever done, if a player is experienced enough to do it, they'll probably choose to stick to other insane playstyles such as the Tracker. Swappers swap between 4 items, their sword, their rocket launcher, their bomb, and their superball. They practically throw everything they have and bounce around to distract the enemies and maybe eliminate them as well, Swappers lunge around and bomb jump too in order to buy more time. This playstyle is ONLY done against other really experienced players, that is because using said strategy is quite exhausting to many people. In most cases, an extremely experienced player uses it when they are facing a whole team alone during a Sudden Death. Sometimes even when facing exploiters, as this strategy is, for the lack of a better word, REALLY hard to defend against. Its a double edged sword as if one has to use it for too long, they might get too exhausted and a player could just kill them easily. But that shouldn't happen considering how deadly this strategy is.

These players are particularly good at stalling. They are usually fairly experienced players, with a good loadout. Once they have no spawns left, they can easily stall for the rest of the game. However, they will usually do nothing and only try to escape, thus usually rendering a tie. They are also usually frowned upon by other players by "wasting their time" and are usually called wimps or hackers by most people. Unless if you have a highly experienced player on your team, they'll be wiped out in at least a minute or so, if not, barrage them with your superballs.

This playstyle is heavily frowned upon by many players. These players usually use stunning or annoying Tools to cause some chaos among the players. Common Tools used for this playstyle include Homerunner, Coconut, Rock Star, and Truss Trowel. Although the Truss Trowel is not used for combat purposes, it is usually spammed underneath a tower, making it more difficult to knock it over or to navigate the bottom floor. If you think you're safe from trolling when the Troll is on your side, you're wrong. The Troll will get in your way by placing trowels in front of you blocking your rockets, blasting away your planted bombs preventing you from destroying spires or bomb jumping, or by placing trowels around you. Most of the trolls are annoying, but sometimes they might be helpful. They can knock people out of your spire by using homerunner or rock star.

Spammers are players who repeatedly use their sword, and almost ALWAYS use their sword. The way these players fight is to find a player on another team, and running toward the target while spamming sword. Spammers have no skill at all, just finding a player and charging them until they KO that player or they get KO'd. Spammers are extremely annoying to fight in small spaces, as almost any rocket you shoot at them will be reflected. They can also beat you with their sword, as the spammer will spam their sword. Spammers are utterly the stupidest playstyle, it takes no work or skill.

Generally, the best strategy for long-range fighting is to shoot rockets and superballs at the enemy and to deflect/dodge all rockets that come at the player. A player can also build a mini base or a wall using trowels to defend if they do not have an effective cover. Long-range fighting is generally not very common as it is very ineffective. Usually one would use the bomb-jump technique to get within reasonable fighting range.

If one is confident they can kill the enemy in a medium-range fight, they generally would want to corner their opponent with bombs and trowels and predict their movement with a rocket or a superball. The easiest weapon to hit in medium-range with is a superball.

The best option for these strategies is for the player to quickly back up and try to hit the enemy when they are vulnerable. During a short-range fight, the player's best weapon is usually their sword. One would want to get out of their sword range and try to lunge and immediately hit the enemy after that. If one can stay away from the enemy long enough, they can use bombs and rockets to try and hit them if they can predict the enemy's movement. The superball is not a terrible weapon at this range if one can aim well, but is not recommended as compared to explosives and the sword.

@Ryu_Niiyama This is most definitely not the same as a normal spammer. They are either hacking or a bug is causing their specials to automatically refill. There is small counter play to pretty much every other special in this game except for missiles where they can just sit back in their base and keep people off the objective for free.

The way this and other articles have been written legitimises the issue somewhat. If there was a genuine exploit in the game that allowed for special spam it would be far more widespread than it is, and certainly wouldn't be restricted to Tenta Missiles only. The key issue at hand is that Tenta Missiles haven't changed from the 2nd game and can be charged as soon as you finish firing them, meaning by using an instant charge cheat code you are able to continuously fire Tenta Missiles from the minute a match begins, to the second it ends. Most other specials have downtime or a timer whilst active that prevents spam of this measure, even with hacking.

And Tenta Missiles aren't a problem because they're easy to dodge, they're a problem because they force everyone to continually move position and makes slow weapons like the Hydra Splatling and chargers unusable because they'll never get enough downtime to attack, so hack spamming isn't fun for any of the remaining players of the match. It allows someone to sit in spawn and fire missiles at the entire enemy team with zero interaction or consequence from them. 041b061a72


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