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If it's not bad enough for all the other main broadcasting networks/channel's stations to do all episodes, even changing which shows, so they are all WWII &/or nazi based/mentioning episodes for 5 months straight UNTIL something else (like a certain celebrity dies or certain holiday that locals that run the station give a or too much fabout) happens... then right back to same theme for the past year (year or 2 before it was all religious &/or all christian story/based episodes of all those shows). Now PBS is showing 4 or 5 hours straight of holocaust ALL WEEK?! Whotf would want to fund because they're watching that kind of c***? Before it was 10 or even 15 year old things likely everyone that had seen any of the fund raising knew/remembered seeing that before or even donating some to help in past decades but why would watching more of WW2 make them think "people will pay us/donate if we show them MORE of the holocaust/deaths/nazi-themed shows they've been "watching" for the past year or 2"? Only thing worst would be if they thought everyone wants to become christian (or another religion) again & only watch that themed shows on it (again).... oh &/or if it was all voting commercials like on the other broadcast channels. Yeah people see/read the news not everyone wants to see more of it all day/night to the point they would pay PBS to see it (there are other cable/satellite channels that would/do show that instead that could cost them less). Does PBS/OPB have no clue how long OTHER wars in OTHER countries/areas of the world have been going on &/or still happening? LOL Just as bad as the basic public school system. If "you" are going to show 1 themed thing for weeks/months at least show DIFFERENT shows/episodes & different angles of it like the nature-themed and some music-themed fund raising was. Last time I watched or saw a World war 1 &/or 2 show on was when it was actually near ONE holiday that was about it not EVERY holiday that was war/military(or christian) based. It's like a medical news story becomes trending then instead of showing shows & episodes viewers would want to see they replace them with barely related medical or medical mentioning episodes. Why not have episodes of smoke/ashes & fires for 10 years? LOL Those also human caused events have been happening for a long time too(I'm surprised the other broadcast networks/channels don't show fire/smoke, NOT cig or drug/substance smoking which they have instead in the past, based shows all the time). Nice to not see the same 2 or 3 book &/or DVD 5 or10 or 15 year old based themes, but replacing them with depressing WW2 based theme/s? Really?



i would like to see PBS and NPR stop being just more propaganda arms of the DNC. not saying you should all have a conversion to being conservatives, libertarians, or anything else, but how about not being blatant advocates for anything leftist . nobody with a big D after their name ever does anything wrong, and nobody with a big R after their names is anything but a hitler wannabe. how about being classical liberal ? or have no agenda. just report science, political affairs, culture, in a way nobody can tell what your party thinks. you get a free ride on the public dime and most people don't watch or listen to you simply because they don't like being told they suck . and pay for it. why did al-jazeera america fold? because if people wanted to hear how much america sucks they could save their money and turn on american broadcast channels. NPR/PBS have always hired leftists and have never been neutral in reporting . you don't need an editorial position. let the guests provide that. the bias you show makes you resemble something from the days of vremya, radio moscow and pravda. organs of the party. stop it and people will turn to you more. i live in an area that once had an npr station. they held the annual fundraiser. i believe they got $150 dollars. the station was sold to the catholic church. people here in this area resent being told their country sucks. and their personal beliefs suck.

Your fundraising style is really poor.All year long on the create channel, you are featuring what I call "the fat bitches cooking club" where they cook the most fattening foods and some of the worst quality nutrition. Then you put on another show which does the same thing and it goes on ad infinitum (forever and ever and ever).Then, during your fundraisers, you put some idiot (who looks like a retarded psycho with eyes that look like they are about to bug out of his head) who tells us all of the things that we should be eating instead. Your record is stuck. It's playing the same crap over and over again.Then you put on somebody like Deep Hack Ch-Oprah as if this bumbling idiot is supposed to know something about living. I could care less for him. I can barely understand a word he says because of his poor diction and extremely heavy accent. But he's just boring and a bit of a twit because he thinks too much of himself. He likes to pontificate and it's not needed or wanted.In the years before these foolish speakers, they wouldn't have had these people speaking. They would have picked somebody who was a translator with clear diction and an ample vocabulary. But that's another thing, isn't it? You will have a translator and yet you will still have the volume turned up too high on the person speaking a foreign language with a heavy accent. And you can't tell what they're saying because the volume is too high. How stupid is stupid when stupid is more stupid than you could ever imagine? That's PBS. You guys lack the knowledge to analyze what is wrong and so you make the same mistakes over and over and over again.And lately, everybody is going on the cheap in the newscasts, especially with somebody like Judy Woodruff rough rough rough barking bitch dog, who needs to be put out to pasture because her newscasting style is always the same story: "ain't it awful???!?!??!!?"I am so sick of her. She thinks she's far more intelligent than she is and she's just a redneck from Oklahoma with a twangy accent. She doesn't speak from her vocal cords and her diaphragm. The sound comes out of her nose, the same as Lisa desJardins. That woman is the most homely bitch on the planet. She has a tiny mouth and she has terrible diction. She speaks too quickly. I actually have to turn the channel when she comes on because I cannot listen to her. When they are interviewing people, frequently because they are doing it via Skype or some other chat box on the computer, You have not coached them in the art of speaking slowly and clearly with good diction. And frequently you don't even test to see what the acoustics are in the room Where they are located. You can have a room that has so much echo that you cannot make out anything. How stupid is stupid when stupid is so stupid you can't even see it coming because you don't believe this stupid could be that stupid.Then you have the female black porky pig, Alcindor, who speaks so quickly that she ends up stuttering. She literally sounds like a female porky pig. And she's supposed to be replacing Gwen Ifill ?You are giving Judy Woodruff far too much power in making the decisions about the people with whom she works. She is picking these idiots because they make her look good. These little brats don't have any idea about how to formulate an idea from their sentences.With Gwen, she would interview people very carefully, watching her semantics as to not tip them off, and she would gain their trust: and then she would ask a question (which by that time, they were so comfortable that they would answer it). She would give them the rope so that they could hang themselves. Then she would look into the camera when she was finished and give her sly smile which let you know that she had done something quite ingenious.Judy is an asshole by comparison. She's totally incompetent. It's time for everybody to stop licking that old bitches pussy and replace her. I don't know why everybody bows before her because she is just the worst. She's not a national treasure. She's a giant cockroach.I'm not kidding you. Your fundraising shows are bullshit. Here's the better way to handle it. Turn off all of the programming until everybody pays up I just have a sign on the screen showing how much you have raised and how much you need. Stop bothering us with the guy who looks like he is totally insane trying to tell us how to heal our brains and heal our minds. I'd like to heel him like a dog, but he's too butt ugly to watch. Get rid of these dweebs.I can go on about all of it, and I think one of the worst news programs you have is Chicago tonight. Brandis has a really snotty look on her face all the time. She doesn't smile, she thinks she's being very professional, but she just looks like an angry bitch every time she comes on the TV. And then you have all of these other shows with Jeffrey Bear And I'm not going to correct the spelling on this because my phone doesn't know any of these things and I'm using the phone recognition for typing. But Jeffrey Bear sucks. I hate a person who acts like a goody two-shoes. His shows are excessively boring and once you've seen them, it's enough. Take those reels and throw them in the trash and if he wants to make a new show, have him make a new show, but don't bother us with the reruns. But to say he's boring is an understatement.And I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of the guy who looks like a lemur on the news hour. His eyes are so big they're almost comical. He is the one who always does the "feel good" story. It's always completely insipid. It's time to retire him and put him out to pasture.I would say that your best person there is Amy Walter. Your second best is a toss-up between the other dark haired girl who appears at the same time with Amy, and the guy whose arm was blown off in some accident somehow. He's a very good reporter. You need people like this. You need smarter people all the way around. Not somebody who is going to say ain't it awful All the time. I can't stand that fucking Judy Woodruff ruff ruff ruff ruff barking bitch dog. That is one self-serving cunt.Brooks and Capehart are also excellent, but they should be doing more of the reporting than commenting. Their comments are excellent, but I think that they would bring particular insight if they were doing the news stories. You really need to turn over and get rid of a whole bunch of people there. The problem is, as long as you have Judy there And you give approbation to her and her tribe and her method, PBS will never change for the better.And it's time for a new theme song for the news channel. That old recording sounds like it was made years ago with members of the New York Philharmonic tend to play on the sharp side in the violin section. The brass are extremely harsh. It's totally out of tune all the way around. Get a new theme song, it's way past due. In fact, just get a new show and put the competent ones in front and get rid of little lacky boys and girls and especially porky pigette... 041b061a72


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