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An International Non-Profit

Khalsa-Aid is one of Rise Together's biggest partnerships. Together we are able to make an impact on a larger scale and ensure monthly initatives are successful. In addition, we are able to support an organziation when they simply come to Rise Together with a need.

Khalsa-Aid: About Us

A Variety of Organizations in the City

April 2022

Rise Together had the opportunity ot make Easter a little more special for children in need throughout the city.

Khalsa-Aid: About

1000x5 Children's Literacy Charity

January 2022

The team at Rise Together had the ability to provide $1,000 worth of new children's books to the 1000x5 Children's Literacy Charity!

Khalsa-Aid: About

Rainbow Kitchen Society

November 2021

Rise Together managed to provide two hundred adult socks, two hundred children's socks and two hundred toothburshes to the Rainbow Kitchen Society.

Khalsa-Aid: About

Dadelion Society

March 2021

Rise Together was able to provide six hundred pairs of socks to the Dandelion Socity! These were distributed to those in need, throughout the city.

Khalsa-Aid: About
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